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    The Viennese Tuning Collection is created to provide a completely revised and corrected edition for the modern Viennese Bass player as well as the modern Bass player who wishes to play it in solo-tuning. Both parts are provided and just a few details have been changed for the modern solo-tuning, concerning its playability. The edition preserves the original music with the minimal interference from the editor, that due to the circumstances in which the originals are, realized small corrections in articulations, dynamics and wrong notes. In an effort to make the Viennese tuning and its praxis more popular between modern Bassists, it has been adapted to modern notation (sounding one octave down as written).

    The Sonata for Double Bass and Violoncello in b minor from Johannes Matthias Sperger is presented here in an “Urtext” edition, based in the original manuscripts. We have used the Thematic catalog of compositions by Johannes Sperger (1750-1812) by Adolf Meier (Michaelstein - 1990) to better identify these Sonatas, since three of them are in D major. This sonata features with the CI/10 digit in this catalog.

J.M. Sperger - Sonata for Double Bass and Violoncello in b minor (Meier CI/10)

SKU: WT-0011
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