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Luis Fonseca (Brazil 1974 -)

Luis Fonseca (Brazil, 1974-) is a polyvalent artist; architect, professional Double Bass player, profesor and composer stablished in Madrid. He studied composition by Prof. Sergio Luque and Prof. Alberto Bernal in the CSKG center in Madrid, where he could also assist to open lessons from Alberto Posadas, Mesías Maiguashca, Enrique Tomás, José Manuel Berengher and Michael Beil. These studies were in the electronic field, but after all, learning computer assisted composition as well as algorithmic composition brought him to another way of composing, with or without electronics in his works. This brought him to a PhD personal investigation in the algorithmic composition field in the “Universidad Autónoma de Madrid” by professors José Luis Carles and Sergio Luque, which he finished in 2021 with a Cum Laude mention. He finds himself nowadays developing new ways to generate music algorithmically, focusing it on the production of sound through the use of different algorithms, whether acoustically or electronically speaking, as well as the connection to its visual forming graphics and mixing it with other compositional techniques, which brings him to an unique sounding style. His music has been played in Spain, Brazil, Germany, Australia, United States, Venezuela, Lithuania, Austria, Switzerland, Italy and México.