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Dominik Karski (Poland / Australia 1972 -)

Dominik Karski copyright.jpg

Dominik Karski is the winner of the

2nd Da_sh editions International Composition Competition 2021/2022

for his piece The Unquenchable for amplified alto flute.

Dominik Karski is a Polish-Australian composer, whose body of work is informed by close collaboration with distinct interpreters of new music. Ensembles and soloists who have worked with the composer and presented his works include ELISION Ensemble, Ewa Liebchen, Quatuor Diotima, Anna Kwiatkowska, Mikolaj Pałosz, Carlton Vickers, Karin Hellqvist, Anna Petrini, The Roentgen Connection, or Ensemble SurPlus, among many others. His works have been presented at numerous international events, including the Polish festivals Warsaw Autumn, Musica Polonica Nova, and Musica Electronica Nova, also Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival (UK), Gaudeamus Music Week (The Netherlands), Frum Festival (Iceland), as well as the Totally Huge New Music Festival (Australia). In his composing, he focuses essentially on the player-instrument relationship as the primary source of the musical substance. CDs with his works have been released in Australia, Austria, Canada, Poland, Sweden, and the UK; of particular importance is a monographic disc with the composer’s flute works recorded by Flute o’clock: Ewa Liebchen and Rafal Jedrzejewski, released in 2016 in Poland.


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