Terms and Conditions

Dash music allows 15 days time to send any physical product anywhere in the world, due to stock or printing time. Between this period, the client is allowed to cancel the order, anytime before it is sent, as detailed in our Returning Policy. Electronic products will be able to be downloaded anywhere in the world at the same time of payment, following the instructions of our web page. 

Taxes will be charged due to the laws in Spain, inside any European Country and will be avoided when the sending is outside Europe, informing the mail company of the value of the product, so that taxes can be charged in other countries if needed and in agreement with the international commerce laws. 

Mail fee will be charged upon the country to be sent. Depending on the country, there will be two possibilities: Tracked mail and regular. 

1. By choosing tracked mail, Da_sh music guarantees the receiving of the article. Tracking number will be sent to the client right after the package has been sent. 

2. By choosing regular mail, the package will be sent without tracking number. If the package gets lost or takes too much time to arrive, Da_sh music will be not responsible for the delivering. No refund will be made in this case; the consumer will take the responsibility in this case.

Privacy Policy

We in Da_sh music are concerned about privacy and confidentiality of personal data of our clients. We are adapted to the new UE General laws of Data protection, to which clients will have to give their concern before buying any goods of our shop. If the client agrees to our privacy politics, we will use personal data to send the requested products and any announcement, commercial communication and vantages concerned only to the products we sale. If any misbehavior in the use of personal data is detected, please send a complain mail to: info@dash-music.eu.

The client has the right to access, modify and delete any personal data that might be in our data base.

We inform that this web page uses cookies in order to be visited.

Return Policy

Cancelation and money return is possible before shipment or download. Afterwards, and due to the fragility of the product (musical sheet) and facility of reproduction, the return of any good is not allowed.