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Andrea Benedetti (Italy 1985 -)

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 Andrea Benedetti was born in Pistoia on 3rd August 1985. He got a Basic Academic Diploma with honors in Composing under the guide of Andrea Portera by the Music School of Fiesole. At the same time he studied with Girolamo Deraco in his IOCC “G. Puccini” and Elena Cecchi-Fedi, deepening Drama-Music and the vocal technique. Moreover he attended the masterclasses of Sydney Corbett, Alessio Elia and Andreas Luca Berardo.

In 2010 the composer was awarded with the second prize at the contest “Rosolino Toscano” of Pescara with the piece Arachne. In 2015 he won the first award at the II Competition “Morricone”, presided over by the Master himself with the song X Gioco. In 2017 he achieved first prize unanimously with Arachne at the Competition SIMM, headed by Sonia Bo,  obtaining an interview on Radioclassica. In  2019 he got the second prize in the first international competition “Impronta” of Budapest, presided over by Sidney Corbett. He was mentioned twice at the contest “Veretti” of Fiesole, headed by Andrea Lucchesini and once at the international competition about musical composition “Parco San Rossore” of Pisa. 

Among the most important performances worthy of remark are: the piece Dot-project in the Palais de l’Europe of Mention (2013), achieving so much interest to be mentioned by the local press: “to reconfirm the French-Italian friendship”. The piece Bu-Ba Vision, was presented in the Festival of Bellagio, in Como, while other songs have been exhibited in prestigious contexts such as the Florentine Palace Medici-Riccardi and the Theatre Dal Verme of Milan. The piece Disco G, played by the chambre Orchestra Fiorentina, was reserved an interview with Gregorio Moppi on the newspaper La Repubblica as well. In 2018-19 he chaired as the “Festivalpan” judge of Siena and was invited to join the FCIF contest jury for the choirs. 


Sensitive to the current social issues such as the violence against women and the rights for the LGBT community, A. Benedetti composed his first chamber operetta Mia è la colpa? with a libretto by Claudio d’Antonio, performed for the first time in Lucca with Maria Elena Romanazzi as soprano and Stefano Teani as pianist, directed by Cataldo Russo. 

Furthermore he has been dealing with training as well as personal growth, collaborating with Letizia Putignano in writing “Musica e teatro – L’Armida di Lully”, edited by Zanichelli. He has also cooperated with the Music School of Fiesole, by CAMU of Arezzo, teaching Tecniques of Composing and Orchestrating, through a program ranging from composition to the XVIII century visual art until today.

In 2019 he published together with Alessandro Castelli his first record project Ianus, an anthological record for trombone and euphonium. Being in love since ever with the visual arts, he has been developing a language of research gathering all the arts to a safe harbor.


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